[sclug] Starting up real meetings again.

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A very well argued position.

On 27/02/2022 09:57, Mark De Souza-Wilson via Sclug wrote:
> Stuart
> In you initial email sharing your Twitter poll you did say "I and some
> others took issue with the owner of Wetherspoons Tim Martin and his
> support for Brexit."
> It's hardly a surprise that your Twitter followers support your
> political position.
> Are we now going to change venues whenever the vocal minority have a
> different political stance to that of the venue owner?  What about when
> your political opinion differs from other members of SCLUG?
> With regard to the smartsurvey poll, who came up with this shortlist?
> I'm not convinced all the venues are suitable.
> At Brewdog - can we move seating/tables around to accommodate a group
> of 10 people in a quieter part of the venue?
> I know the Maiden's Head very well.  We can certainly get a suitable
> seating area and it would be quiet enough to talk/listen to each other.
> There's also a variety of drinks.
> Have you ever tried to have a group discussion at Zero Degrees?  The
> style of the seating and that noise levels make it very difficult.
> With the Oakford Social Club, our SCLUG group would be segregated from
> the other guests at the venue.  Do we want this kind of segregation at
> the Oakford, or anywhere else for that matter?
> In my opinion, a list of suitable venues would include:
> The Outlook - It is quiet, has a variety of drinks, and there are
> suitable seating options.  SCLUG have previous met there on occasion.
> The Three Guineas - There is a suitable area with tables behind the bar
> which we might be able to reserve.
> But with these options missing from the survey, would many people vote
> for either of them?  I think most people would simply rank the four
> listed choices.
> Mark
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> Mark. Not seeking to impose anything, I did not vote in the twitter
> poll, but 60% were for somewhere else.
> Stuart
> On 25/02/2022 14:09, Mark De Souza-Wilson via Sclug wrote:
>> Whatever your views on Tim Martin or Brexit, I think we need to
>> respect
>> that people have different thoughts, opinions and priorities - some
>> of
>> which might be controversial and ones we do not agree with.

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