[sclug] Which pub for SCLUG

Steven De Souza-Wilson steven at desouza-wilson.com
Sun Feb 27 10:47:02 UTC 2022

Just to add - I believe that the Oakford shows the football - therefore
wednesday night would be especially busy and loud.

What we are looking for is a quier pub, with a good variety of food and

of those listed - my opinions are as follows:

Zero Degrees:

very loud, and limited drink selection. inflexible seating will cause
an issue if group size in larger than expected

loud and likely to show the football - food selection is good - drinks
somewhat limited ( very few in any real ales)


loud, inflexible seating without pre-booking. only real provide craft
beer - limited / no selection for soft drinks, wines, ales. Extremly
limited food offering

Maiden's head:

Good variety of food and drinks ( always at least 2 ales on tap - plus
bottles - craft, lager, wine, soft drinks) very flexible layout and
accomodating staff.

It's not Reading - this may put some people off.

others to considers:

Three Guineas:

amazing location, good drink and food selection, very flexible layout
with the option of the downstairs bar for further segregation if

food selection is fine, drink selection can be limited on ales, but
otherwise good.

On Sun, 2022-02-27 at 10:09 +0000, Mark De Souza-Wilson via Sclug
> Is there a reason why Back of Beyond is missing from this poll? 
> Despite the vocal minority taking an issue with Tim Martin, Back of
> Beyond does offer a lot of good points which have mattered to SCLUG
> attendees:
> - Some members have not attended in years so keeping to same
> venue/timings is an advantage.
> - Low prices for food and drink at Back of Beyond make the meetings
> accessible to more people.
> - Back of Beyond has a huge selection of drinks whether you prefer
> ales, lagers or ciders etc.
> - Back of Beyond has no music or sound from TVs, so it's generally
> easy
> to hear each other speak.
> - Back of Beyond is a very large pub with plenty of seating.  This
> has
> allowed us to move tables and chairs to accommodate the group at
> times
> when we've had a larger number of attendees.
> It appears to me that the survey is skewed - guiding people to
> indicate
> a preference for a louder, craft-beer, venue.
> Mark
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> Chaps
> So quite a good response to the poll. the vote was 60% to go
> somewhere 
> else. so trying to see where to go then. I realise that this survey
> tool 
> is not a true ranking system but this is the best free service I
> could 
> find to do the job.
> https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/MGHD66/
> I will leave it open for a few days till we have a reasonable number
> of
> responses. So get your votes in. If other wins we will need another
> round.
> Stuart

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