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Well 60% voted for somewhere else. so this is a selection of somewhele


On 27/02/2022 10:09, Mark De Souza-Wilson via Sclug wrote:
> Is there a reason why Back of Beyond is missing from this poll?
> Despite the vocal minority taking an issue with Tim Martin, Back of
> Beyond does offer a lot of good points which have mattered to SCLUG
> attendees:
> - Some members have not attended in years so keeping to same
> venue/timings is an advantage.
> - Low prices for food and drink at Back of Beyond make the meetings
> accessible to more people.
> - Back of Beyond has a huge selection of drinks whether you prefer
> ales, lagers or ciders etc.
> - Back of Beyond has no music or sound from TVs, so it's generally easy
> to hear each other speak.
> - Back of Beyond is a very large pub with plenty of seating.  This has
> allowed us to move tables and chairs to accommodate the group at times
> when we've had a larger number of attendees.
> It appears to me that the survey is skewed - guiding people to indicate
> a preference for a louder, craft-beer, venue.
> Mark
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> Chaps
> So quite a good response to the poll. the vote was 60% to go somewhere
> else. so trying to see where to go then. I realise that this survey
> tool
> is not a true ranking system but this is the best free service I could
> find to do the job.
> https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/MGHD66/
> I will leave it open for a few days till we have a reasonable number of
> responses. So get your votes in. If other wins we will need another
> round.
> Stuart
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