[Scottish] Site management - was HTML templating software?

Colin McKinnon scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Dec 4 09:27:02 2002

Elwell, AD (Andrew) wrote:

>Previously I'd used wwwsync (http://www.alfie.demon.co.uk/wwwsync/)
A new one on me - I'll need to take a look. I wrote a small program to 
do the same thing (update a remote site via FTP) which is now relatively 
stable and polished, you can find it at:

There's also a brief discussion of some of the other tools available at:

(PushSite's distinguishing features are (trivial) IDS, and can be set to 
run from 'cron')

Aidan Skinner wrote:

>you need a shell and rsync for rsync to work. There are tools like
>mirror available though.
AIR mirror (along with Pavuk, getleft and many others) suck in a 
directory tree instead of pushing it to a remote site. (but they don't 
suck - if you get my drift).

The other key tool I use currently is Linbot (now Webcheck 
http://www.mired.org/webcheck/). Which takes a lot of the donkey work 
out of testing and maintaining a site.