[Scottish] This Mailing List

willie fleming scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Dec 5 22:11:06 2002

Hi Folks
=09I've taken over the care and feeding of the mailing list to take some =
of the=20
load off Tony.=20

I am toying with the idea of splitting the list into two or possibly thre=
1) slug-announce list  -- low traffic with mostly just the formal notific=
of the monthly meeting and any other "announcements"
2) slug-chat  -- medium traffic the standard mailinglist stuff

and possibly 3) slug-off-topic  scurrilous rumours and cars for sale etc

To acheive this we'd  need to change our hosting arrangements and Kenny D=
has kindly offered to do this for us.

Anyway, thats what I think, much more importantly, what do you lot think =
this? And while we are at it,  please tell me how you would want to see t=
mailing list improved. I dont intend making any hasty changes and Im goin=
g to=20
leave a couple of weeks so you can come back with comments, suggestions,=20
flames etc

BTW if anyone subscribed to the list from addresses that are now dormant =
you can remember them) let me know and I'll tidy up the subscribers list.

To change any of your mailing list options in the meantime, please visit=20
Theres a link there to the archives too.

Remember you can join us on IRC at eu.freenode.net on channel #scotlug   =
SLUG people welcome!
Best Regards
Willie Fleming