[Scottish] This Mailing List

Martin McCarthy scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Dec 5 22:33:00 2002

> I am toying with the idea of splitting the list into two or possibly three.


> 1) slug-announce list  -- low traffic with mostly just the formal
> notification of the monthly meeting and any other "announcements"
> 2) slug-chat  -- medium traffic the standard mailinglist stuff

They sound good.

> and possibly 3) slug-off-topic  scurrilous rumours and cars for sale etc

Excellent!  Especially if we don't have to subscribe to all three :-)

A thought on 1) though.  There are very few announcements other than the
monthly meeting, so consider having slug-meeting instead of
slug-announce and move the 'is anyone going to talk about anything this
month?' threads there also?

[On the subject of which...I'm still happy to talk about the care and
feeding of regular expressions sometime in the New Year if anyone is
interested.  It's occasionally handy to know that '^(Siz|Nam)e +:' is
more efficient than '^Size +:|^Name +:' on many regex engines, and even
more frequently handy to know that the difference isn't significant in
this case if one is clearer to you than the other. :-) ]

Part of me thinks there would be some value in splitting the list
further into hardware/applications/OS/other stuff...but since we're so
light on traffic anyway I think that would be pretty pointless for now.

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