[Scottish] OT Laptops (the saga comes to an end)

William Anderson scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Dec 20 07:46:01 2002

Edward Betts wrote:
> [snip]
> <nitpick> Today Apple sells see Macs, the iMac, the PowerMac and the
> eMac, the iBook is not a mac. </nitpick>

As has been pointed out, iBooks *are* Macs, as are TiBooks and Xserves.
Incidentally, does anyone else think that the Xserve just oooooses tech
gorgeousness? :)

I recently bunged a box in Telehouse Docklands with a group of mates, and
when we were picking a box, for an ickle while it was "hmmm, dual PIII or an
Xserve ..." - we settled for a dual PIII running Debian in the end :)

> My brother installed Debian on his iBook, works okay, I am going to play
> with it a bit over Christmas, so I can give you a fuller report then. As
> for running on a PC, I would recommed Debian, but then I am bound to.

Debian is indeed the dogs bollocks - I'm having a flamefest with someone I
work with which is basically Debian vs RH :) ... I just need to find a way
to start porting it to my Dreamcast, since I have NetBSD successfully
running :)

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