[Scottish] OT: multiview boxes?

William Anderson scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Nov 22 13:27:01 2002

Paxton, Darren wrote:
> Sorry for posting OT, but I'd just like to ask a question.
> Thinking of buying an omniview type box - just looking to know where I
> can get one relatively cheap and cheerful without wires (since I've
> already acquired two full cables).
> Already been on maplin, their cheapest is about 70 quid.
> Any replies greatly appreciated

I have a Belkin OmniViewSE 4 port KVM here, and it's worth it's weight in
gold.  Apparently they're out of production now, and the equivalent unit
from Belkin (the OmniView Pro2) goes for about 170 quid!

If you have a quick look at www.kvmswitchdirect.co.uk, they have good old
clunky passive hardwired units for about 30 quid.  If you can afford it, I'd
recommend an active unit (which constantly sends signals back to the
attached machines, so that they don't think the keyb/mouse has been
disconnected when you switch over to another machine), but the passive ones
will do at a pinch - I remember using one years ago and it died from a)
overuse and b) shoddy manufacture :)

Just don't expect to get a sharp picture from a passive unit - you'll likely
encounter ghosting at resolutions above 1024x768, but if all you want it for
is text mode, again it'll do.

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