[Scottish] references for last night's scrum/xp discussion

Will Partain scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Nov 29 12:18:01 2002

The web site for Scrum is http://www.controlchaos.com/; for
XP, there are zillions, one being
http://www.extremeprogramming.org/.  Note that there are
chunks of XP that I didn't really mention, e.g. simple
design (DTSTTCPW - do the simplest thing that could possibly
work; avoid BDUF - big design up front - because YAGNI - you
aren't going to need it).

There are mailing lists both for XP (extremeprogramming
group on yahoo - *very* busy) and scrum (it might be yahoo
as well).  Also remember related mailing lists, e.g. for
refactoring and test-driven development.  I browse *all* of
the above using gmane.org, a mailing-list portal.
http://www.gmane.org/ to see what it's about; the urls for
the relevant groups ought to be (untested):


(The guy behind gmane is the guy who wrote GNUS, the
wondrous Emacs news reader.)

Iain, thanks for doing the quotes thing...