[Scottish] Project managment software

Colin McKinnon scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Oct 4 15:18:00 2002

Ismail Murat Dilek wrote:

>Hi Guys,
>Is there any project managment software under GPL for linux
More than you can shake a stick at (what a stupid phrase that is). Yes 
is the answer -  they run the whole gamut from simple ToDo lists to 
tools for professional project managers. You might want to take a look 
at Mr Project (GTK based system for projects managers) and ACE solution 
(much simpler, web based package) as a starting point; see below for 
more details,


    - fast Javascript intensive interface, scheduling unpolished
    tasks only by project - no dependencies for tasks

    - just generates Gantt charts (not very well either)
    - ISR seeing some recent software that does this but much better....hmm

http://www.internalaffairs.de/en/    (commercial 50 euro / user)
    - Scheduling (vgood)

    - Runs under GTK. Only for project manager really

    - good task management - nothing else

PHP Projekt
    Groupware type app (Email, calendar...)
    nice mix but not very 'Group' e.g. scheduling, task referall

Sinc Is Not a Calender
    Group calendar,
    Automatic time selection

    Groupware type app (Email, calendar...)
    Emphasis on time spent and bug tracking

    Groupware type app (Email, calendar...)