[Scottish] Project managment software

Robert (Rob) M. Schneider scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Oct 4 20:18:01 2002


Mentioned by others, and the only one I have heard of or seen is MrProject.  
see http://mrproject.codefactory.se.  It's in the very early days of 
development.  They are heading in the right direction, but no telling when 
they will get where.

If your need is to display gant charts, show some project logic 
(predecessors), resource assignment, rudimentatry modelling, and some task 
status reporting ... probably can do the job for you. It's open source GNOME 
software. It's GPL.

Frankly, that's how I observe most people using even the more sophisticated 
project management tools, e.g. Microsoft Project.  MS Project still is the 
unsurpassed on the desktop for power and ubiquity.  It's high quality 
software and provides all the key pm tools, modelling techniques, etc.  Other 
vendors, e.g. Primavera, also focus on the windows-based market, far as I can 

I use MS Project all the time on my Linux machine ... running Project 2002 in 
Windows 98 via Win4Lin.  This way I get the "best" project management tool 
with the "best" of other desktop tools.  

On Friday 04 Oct 2002 2:45 pm, Ismail Murat Dilek wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> Is there any project managment software under GPL for linux
> Regards
> Murat
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