Re[2]: [Scottish] Thursday Night Update

Calum Matheson scottish at
Wed Oct 9 18:57:00 2002

Wednesday, October 9, 2002, 10:45:27 AM, Ben Thorp wrote:

BT> I think they renamed and redefined Australasia into Oceania at some point,

A bit of a longer google tuned up this:

That link is from the Encyclopedia Mythica, so if you don't believe it
here's another (from google's cahce, the page seemed to be down)

Looks like Oceania includes Australasia as well as some other islands.

If we just call Oceania Australasia (the other islands will be part of
Asia or something) then all the continents start and end with the same

Kevin McDermott wrote:
AW> You don't win silver - you lose gold.

I'm sure that could be disputed too...