[Scottish] Gentoo Linux

James Arthur scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Oct 16 11:27:01 2002

 --- george <george@experimentalmonkey.co.uk> wrote: >

>    I have heard a lot of good reports about this
> distro, so I decided to 
> install it on my box in place of MD8.1 (I currently
> dual boot with win2k). 
> However I have just read the install instructions
> and it' s lot more 
> complicated than any other distro I have tried.

IMO there is very little reason why anyone would want
to use RedHat for personal use. My general impression
is that as a distribution it sucks, but the support
options are very good.

> Does anyone have any experience with Gentoo?

Yes. If you're worried about RH's installation
process, you're really not going to like Gentoo at
all. The docs are extremely well written though.
Perhaps you should try Debian as a sort of


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