[Scottish] RH8.0 - Dodgy files on ISO ?

Cameron Logie scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Mon Oct 21 14:27:01 2002

I'd downloaded my dodgy ISO's from a mirror in Ireland at first.
I'm now fetching them again from ftp.mirror.ac.uk.


Paul Millar said:
> On Mon, 21 Oct 2002, Mark McRitchie wrote:
>> > I found that some of the RPM's came up with either MD5 or GPG
>> errors. I
>> > simply re-downloaded the affected RPM's from ftp.mirror.ac.uk  and
>> all's
>> > now well but I wondered if anyone else has found this ?
>> I know someone who had a problem with CD1 from mirror.co.uk failing
>> the md5 check.
>> Funnily enough, I know of a couple of other people who downloaded from
>> mirror that got the same md5sum as he did, so probably not a general
>> download screwup...
> Could these people be behind the same transparent proxy? (just playing
> devil's advocate..)
>> He emailed them, but I dunno if he ever heard back.
> I know they had some hard disk(s) fail on them a little while back
> (month or so).  I found out because they switched disks and restarted
> the mirroring, but they forgot to mirror RedHat's security updates (!!)
> Its possible the failing disks might have something to do with the
> corruption.
> Either way, its slightly scary and an example that digital copies aren't
> necessarily impervious to copy degradation ;^)
> Paul.

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