[Scottish] Qmail or Exim?

Tam McLaughlin scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Mon Oct 21 14:40:01 2002

I am about to replace our Eppliance Gauntlet firewall with Smoothwall=20
Corporate Server. However, this means we will loose some functionality in=
current firewall, mainly anti-virus scanning and filtering of spam.
So, we have to decide on the following:
1) Patch and modify our current internal qmail server to add on anti viru=
   scanning  and anti-spam capabilities. It looks like qmail has limited =
   support for anti virus products i.e. sophos
2) Take the opportunity to install Exim on different hardware and somethi=
    like Amavis which supports several anti virus products.

I would appreciate advice or ideas especially from anyone who has set up =
email server with anti virus scanning.