[Scottish] Re: Making scotlug mailing list available via gmane news gateway?

willie fleming scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Apr 2 18:42:03 2003

On Wednesday 02 Apr 2003 09:53, Will Partain wrote
> tony@dyer.demon.co.uk writes:
> > Should we arrange with the list manager (Willie Fleming)
> > to stop our archival posts? ...
We will continue with the existing archive arrangements via lug.org.uk
Unless there is HUGE demand to make the archives available on gmane, I see no 
reason to change anything else. Remember this is a one month trial. Actually 
I expect that nobody will notice when the trial period is up and we will just 
continue blissfully........
> I would change *nothing* about the existing arrangements
> (which sounds like what Willie is doing).
Exactly -- I have (and will not without a VERY good reason) changed ANYTHING 
regarding our setup at lug.org.uk
> To use gmane, you just point a newsreader at news.gmane.org;
I really must try this sometime
> gmane itself is discussed in the group gmane.discuss.
And we will be gmane.linux.scottishusersgroup
> There's documentation and stuff at http://www.gmane.org/.
> The system is being actively developed, and seems to be
> headed towards: all mailing-list messages go to gmane
> central in Norway, from whence they will be pushed out to
> other servers hither and yon, from whence we punters read
> the stuff.  (But presently we just go to Norway to get our
> fix.)
> Will
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