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Andrew Back scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Apr 11 08:55:00 2003

I'm pretty sure 802.11b would be more robust than 802.11g. IIRC 11g uses
the same modulation scheme(s) as 11a, and the higher the data rate, more
complex the modulation - the greater the demand for quality on the
underlying radio link.

Although if both APs were the same distance away you'd expect similar
received signal strengths. I guess it's more likely that one AP was more
powerful - higher output / better aerial. Not all (many?) cards and APs
put out the max 100mW EIRP that your allowed. So if range and/or link
reliability are important I'd check out EIRP levels of the kit. And
for a point to point link probably wouldn't bother with 11g what it being
new and likely less robust, unless you need >11Mb/s.


Andrew Back

On Thu, 10 Apr 2003, Jim Jarvie wrote:

> Yes - to experience with 54g & 11b.
> I've used Belkin WAP & Linksys print servers etc.
> Best prices I found were from eBuyer (www.ebuyer.co.uk) and their prices
> are pretty good.
> Code 31034 - =A362.99 - Belkin 11b WAP
> Code 45623 - =A373.98 - Belkin 54g WAP
> Code 31057 - =A337.07 - Belkin 11b USB.
> (All need to have VAT added)
> 2Mb internet access rocks and 11b will easily transfer this across the
> road.  I'm not so sure about 54g Linux drivers right now...
> My experience is that 11b does a little better for signal strength and
> even a 54g WAP in the same room and less than 5m from a client was
> rejected in favour of an 11b WAP at around 20m away through 3 walls -
> perhaps just a one-off turbo-charged 11b WAP but the 54g client was
> pretty sure the best signal was from the 11b and not the nearer 54g
> WAP...
> (Remember you can just go Ad-Hoc if it is just a small network - the
> Belkin 11b USB adaptors work fine for my rather aged SuSE installations
> and Linux can provide the IP forwarding etc.)
> Finally, if you are in Glasgow, you might want to consider setting these
> as part of GlasgowNet (If you don't mind sharing that lovely 2Mb internet
> link with anyone who cares to park outside your house).  Just post
> directions to the list.  A street LAN-Party anyone ?
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> On 10/04/03, 17:12:36, Allan Bruce <allanmb@dsl.pipex.com> wrote regardin=
> [Scottish] 54G:
> > Hi there,
> > Does Anybody have any experience with 54g or 802.11g? A mate of mine is
> > moving across the road and we thought we would get a 2Mb ADSL line and
> share
> > it since it is pretty much the same cost as 2 x 512k lines.
> > I have my eye on a Linksys WAP54g (I think) router/base station.  Anybo=
> > recommend any hardware? And better still, does anybody know where to ge=
> > these cheap?
> > Thanks
> > Allan
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