[Scottish] Re: PHP Developer job advert

willie fleming scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Apr 15 17:07:01 2003

Ian Drake wrote :---
never mind, it's nice to see that Willie is calling them "these people" now,
and not "the federales" as was previously the case.

A pigment of your colourful imagination, Im afraid, Ian
I have never called them " the federales"  
I would have said "los federales" or more likely "los fila da puta federales"

Anyway the same goes for you too. Please resub using the address you are most 
likely to post from 'cos anything else ends up in the spam-filter and I have 
to reach in amogst the casino and penis extension offers to get your pearls 
of wisdom out. We havent had many 417 scams recently but no doubt they'll 
resurface with an Iraqui twist soon enough.

Sorry for the delay

Best Regards
Willie Fleming