[Scottish] Re: PHP Developer job advert

Michael Cameron scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Apr 15 17:21:01 2003

>> > Be aware that this job is for Central Scotland Police
>> >
>> > If you want to work for these people, go ahead and apply.
>> Any reason why one wouldn't?
>Some folk have principles and have no wish to be involved in
>projects which
>have yet to be proved not to dimish my (or your) personal liberties.

I believe everyone has principles, some we may not agree with and some are
compromised more than others.  I know members of the police who happen to
believe that they are making the world a better and safer place
(unfortunately I also know one who left after he discovered that this view
was not shared by all his colleagues).

I have to admit that I don't think I have ever worked on a project which had
actually proved that it did not diminish my (or your) personal liberties.
I'm fairly sure none of them ever did but actually proving it?

Do personal liberties include not being referred to as "pig"?

Good luck to anyone who applies for the post.  I thought it looked strange
to use a yahoo address and a mobile number though.