[Scottish] Re: Scottish digest, Vol 1 #173 - 8 msgs

Harry Sigerson scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Apr 25 11:26:01 2003

> Since you're looking for something for Windows XP, I can't help
> wondering why you thought it would be appropriate to ask here.
     When you put it like that...
     Well, I lurk on ScotLUG. I'll eventually get round to running Linux. On 
another forum, 'proper' ScotLUGger subscribing there said try here as it had 
lots of knowledgable folk on it. 
> That said, Spambayes[1] is one of these fancy Bayesian anti-spam filters
> which will take a little training, but apparently works quite well.  As
> a bonus, it works on Linux and win32 among other things and it even has
> an Outlook plugin.
     Thanks for the tip. I haven't used Outlook ever and not Outlook Express in 
years. I'm just having a bit of trouble getting SpamAssassin to work with this 
OLR, 'Virtual Access'. 
     I've used VA for a very long time and like it a lot. It is now being 
supported and developed as VA 6.0 in Open Source and no doubt will run fine 
under Linux. So when the time comes and I too am able to run under Linux...

VA   5.51 build 315, 
Fri, 25 Apr 2003 10:42 +0100  Windows XP PRO + SP1 v2002