[Scottish] problems with php header function with my ISP

Tam McLaughlin scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Mon Apr 28 11:33:01 2003

Thanks all, I will look into the suggestions and try and improve the code
and make it more secure. I am not a programmer so just been hacking away
at a quiz generator that I wanted to do in my own time for my homesite and
work Intranet but very keen to take on board what you say.

However, I did get it working. I had declared variables for my html which
I echo to the browser. One variable was called $header. I renamed the variable 
and the redirect worked. There was obviously a conflict with the variable and 
the function header in my ISP configuration but not sure why.
register_globals is on in the php.ini file 

On Monday 28 Apr 2003 6:30 am, ray wrote:
> On Sunday 27 April 2003 15:45, george wrote: Tam McLaughlin wrote:
> >  The weird thing was,
> >
> > >> earlier today, I was getting the error when using konqueror but it
> > >> worked ok under mozilla.
> > >> Now I just tried it under mozilla and I got the error msg.
> I would like to offer a "maybe" retraction too (at least I started with "I
> think that this might be ..."
> This behaviour mighy also be due to the action of one or more caches
> somewhere along the line.
> Either put the cache control stuff into the header (twice :- once for http
> 1.0 and again for http 1.1), I can't remember exacty how, but there's words
> like 'cache-control' and 'pragma:'  in it;  or cheat (hack it) and insert
> the time() into the url, so that it is never the same twice.
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>   rayH
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