[Scottish] problems with php header function with my ISP

ray scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Mon Apr 28 06:31:01 2003

On Sunday 27 April 2003 15:45, george wrote: Tam McLaughlin wrote:
>  The weird thing was,
> >> earlier today, I was getting the error when using konqueror but it
> >> worked ok under mozilla.
> >> Now I just tried it under mozilla and I got the error msg.

I would like to offer a "maybe" retraction too (at least I started with "I 
think that this might be ..."
This behaviour mighy also be due to the action of one or more caches somewhere 
along the line.  
Either put the cache control stuff into the header (twice :- once for http 1.0 
and again for http 1.1), I can't remember exacty how, but there's words like 
'cache-control' and 'pragma:'  in it;  or cheat (hack it) and insert the 
time() into the url, so that it is never the same twice.