[Scottish] SuSE 8.2 passwords question

Colin McKinnon scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Aug 26 20:32:00 2003

On Monday 25 August 2003 22:15, neil sinclair wrote:
> Anyway, passwd -S says
> fiona PS 08/25/2003 1 30 10 5
> I tried passwd -u fiona, but I got the message
> Cannot unlock the password for "fiona"!
Maybe 'cos its not locked (passwd -S would report L instead of P). Looks like 
my man pages a re a little out of date - they don't say what the 'S' in the 
resplonse means. Checking my account reports PS too, and its working OK so I 
guess its not a password problem.

You say it won't let you assign a new password? I'm guessing that you're doing 
this as 'root' since you've tried with Yast.
If none, can you 'su fiona' (from your normal login, NOT root) using that 
password? If so, then there may be a problem with her login shell or 
permissions on her home directory.