[Scottish] modems

Michael Cameron scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Mon Feb 3 10:38:01 2003

>isn't that an internal one (sorry if i'm thick) ?  I wouldn't mind making a
>donation any way (as well as paying your cost for posting it)  but
>i need an
>external one.
>Thank you,
PC Card aka PCMCIA (not PCI card).  I am assuming that your laptop has a
PCMCIA slot?  I used it on my IBM Thinkpad (laptop) prior to drivers for its
built in Winmodem becoming available so it works fine under Linux.  I can
also dig out the Windows install disks if you want, don't know if you dual
boot or not.  As for posting it, today does not look promising - thick snow,
steep driveway & unsalted road I'm afraid.