[Scottish] modems

Colin McKinnon scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Mon Feb 3 10:20:01 2003

Colin.Speirs@scotland.gsi.gov.uk wrote:

> > i bought a serial modem at lunch, a cheap one (was tempted by one that
> > promised to make expresso and play music while downloading at
> > supernatural
> > rate, but went for the cheap option).
> >
> > Now i just unpacked the thing and $**!(%* the cable ended in
> > two female
> > plugs that don't seem to connect to anything on the back of my laptop
> > (female 15pin plug, female 25pin plug and 2 usbs). 
> > So i didn't even get to find out if it was compatible or not,
> > and i'll have
> > the pleasure of an extra trip to Braehead tomorrow to get this problem
> > solved/my money back.
> RE: [Scottish] modems
> Or go into Comcal in Bath St and see if you can buy a gender bender 
> for it.
I've got a few of these going spare - 25F<->9M straight thru (problems: 
there is very little clearance around the device and there are no screws 
to secure the 9pin end). You're welcome to have one - mail me offlist 
with a postal address.


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