[Scottish] Distributed.net Update - A Friday afternoon call to action ;)

Cameron Logie scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Feb 21 16:24:01 2003

Hi all,

Just a quick update on the ScotLUG Distributed.net RC5-72 key cracking,
for those that are vagely interested.

We (or I more specifically), have mangaged to get the team into 1041st
place, which gives us a 1 in 7,427 chance that'll we'll win the money for
the beer kitty.
Remember that the individual that finds the key gets $1000 with the team
getting $1000 too. That should buy a few rounds at least and possibly a
portable distro server for the meetings.

Even just a few more machines doing some background crunching would be
greatly appreciated, so if you can spare some of your Friday afternoon
(and  some CPU cycles), please download the client for your machine and
get cracking. :)

Some URLs for you now;
Check the current ScotLUG stats at

To see how the dosh gets dished out go to

To download the clients for your platform go to

To join the ScotLUG team, just configure the client with your email
address, wait a few days for your info the appear on the stats page and
join the team at

That's all for now folks.
I hope that the mere mention of prize money and beer stirs the soul.
Have a good weekend.


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