[Scottish] DVD - decode in software or hardware

Allan Bruce scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Jan 7 10:29:21 2003

I had the Dxr2 card too and found some problems but I upgraded to the dxr3
(hollywood+ basically) and it works a treat.  Havent tried it under Linux
yet tho.

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> Thanks for your comments.
> I splashed out on one of the Creative Encore cards at Priceless.
> Whoops! No Linux support and even in Windows it's not plain sailing.
> The card I got was a Creative CT7160 digital inlay DVD decoder
> (Luxsonor LS220 chipset). Although originally sold as part of
> the Encore DXR2 package, it's sister card the 7120 (analog overlay)
> is the one the people at dxr2.sourceforge.net have developed drivers
> for.
> So, I installed it under Winwoes 98. I'm not using a Creative DVD-ROM,
> but a Samsung, and the software complained about incompatible regions,
> but with the aid of Remote Selector, the DVD is accessible.
> Now, the only problem is that there's audio output, but the video
> window remains blank.  Time to try out TV-out.
> Which works. My other PC has a WinTV card, so I just connect the
> composite video sockets and I can finally watch my DVD.
> So, buyer (or maybe just me) beware.
> --
> gav
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