[Scottish] DVD - decode in software or hardware

Gavin McCord scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Jan 7 02:44:01 2003

Thanks for your comments.

I splashed out on one of the Creative Encore cards at Priceless.
Whoops! No Linux support and even in Windows it's not plain sailing.

The card I got was a Creative CT7160 digital inlay DVD decoder
(Luxsonor LS220 chipset). Although originally sold as part of
the Encore DXR2 package, it's sister card the 7120 (analog overlay)
is the one the people at dxr2.sourceforge.net have developed drivers

So, I installed it under Winwoes 98. I'm not using a Creative DVD-ROM,
but a Samsung, and the software complained about incompatible regions,
but with the aid of Remote Selector, the DVD is accessible.

Now, the only problem is that there's audio output, but the video
window remains blank.  Time to try out TV-out.

Which works. My other PC has a WinTV card, so I just connect the
composite video sockets and I can finally watch my DVD.

So, buyer (or maybe just me) beware.