[Scottish] Hardware recommendations?

Gordon JC Pearce scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Jan 16 09:46:01 2003

> machine with linux installed---Doesn't have to be the RedHat distribution,

It's very hard to buy a machine with Linux already installed, unless
you're buying a server.  In which case, you'd probably want to install
the OS yourself anyway...  Far better to buy either seperate bits or a
complete OS-less machine from one of the independents.

> which seems to get bulkier and bulkier with every release---with VMWare
> installed and some kind of MS operating system Win98? installed under
> VMWare and configured to talk to the linux side without needing access to

You could also try runnning it under Wine, instead of VMWare.  Neither
will be as fast as native Linux code.

> the internet. The main use of the system will be heavy number crunching
> under GCC and GPC (legacy code in Pascal). DELL kit looks appealing, but

Use the Source, Luke.  If it can be ported across, then as I said,
running it as native Linux code will be much quicker than any kind of
emulated code.  If not, for example if it's binary-only, then emulation
is your only way.  In this case, if speed is a consideration, then dare
I say it you may as well stick with Windows?

> is there any body who can supply me (even at a price) with the operating
> systems set up and running as I would like them? I know enough to connect
> the linux side to the local server, but I don't know anything about MS
> internet configuration.

Even if you buy the machines "in bare metal" I'm sure you can arrange to
have them sorted out.  These days, most versions of Linux install in
much less than an hour - the now-aging Slackware 8.1 takes about 25
minutes on my PC.

> Any advice gratefully received,

I hope this has helped you a bit,