[Scottish] sql

Tam McLaughlin scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Jan 28 15:30:01 2003

appologies (and feeling really silly right now)
this trivial question was not meant for this group.=20
I was just looking for a quick and lazy answer from a work=20
mate whos an informix 4gl answer so I could quickly test something.

On Tuesday 28 January 2003 3:16 pm, Tam McLaughlin wrote:
> i am trying something in mysql but can't remember any sql.
> Say i have a field called name in table 1 and i want to select the
> name and the number of times that name appears in the table,
> how would i do it?
> If u can tell me, i can find the equiv syntax in mysql
> thanks.

Tam McLaughlin
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