[Scottish] hard drives

Mark McRitchie scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Jan 29 11:08:01 2003

Hi Neil,

I've got two Maxtor HDs. A 40GB and a 60GB, both 7200rpm. 
They're both warranty replacements. Both the original drives keeled over
shortly before their warranty was due to run out. Of course, that was in the
days Maxtor did 3 year warranties on their HDs, not the 1 year they do

I'm still trying to decide on another 60GB drive to RAID with my current
one. I don't think its gonna be a Maxtor one though.


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> Hi -
> I'm just about to buy a new hard drive, and I've been hearing 
> horrible stories 
> about Maxtor (cheap but icky) and IBM (just flaky for 2 drive 
> models, other 
> more recent models seem ok).
> I'm tempted by Western Digital (WD800JB - 80Gb, 8Mb buffer, 
> 7200rpm) who I've 
> alway found reliable, and by the Seagate iv series - 
> Main apps are audio processing (audacity) and simple office 
> stuff, odd bit of 
> html and Delphi.
> Any info / experience would be welcome before I part with my 
> hard-earned cash!
> regards,
> Neil.
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