[Scottish] FlameWar: Window managers

iain d broadfoot scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Jan 30 01:56:01 2003

* Colin McKinnon (colin@wew.co.uk) wrote:
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> >
> >	Have you tried the Debian way? 
> >
> Sounds rather like a lifestyle change. Thanx to all for the suggestions 
> - I think I'll give Fluxbox a spin and see how it goes. Now if only I 
> could remember how to setup a window manager manually.....

apt-get install blackbox wdm

go get coffee.

come back, put exec blackbox at the bottom of your .xsession, let the
machine boot into wdm, choose 'default' from the drop-down, and login.

then panic cos you can't figure out how to do anything...

for sanity, get everything that starts with bb. (keys, config things


wh33, y1p33 3tc.