[Scottish] Good ISP for ADSL business and hosting?

Andrew Back scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Jan 30 15:39:01 2003

I can recommend OneTel for DSL. I used the ADSL service when it was still
owned by Iomart, before the sale to Centrica/OneTel. They were 2nd largest
in terms of customer base, so no worries of them dissapearing. And the
technical (infrastructure) guys were good, although I did work alongside
them, so I'm biased.. I believe they were also planning SDSL trials
and eventual roll-out. Good relationship with the BT wholesale folk, and
better service than Openworld.

I now use Pipex, whom I've also had no problems with. And they do some
pretty good deals with regards static IPs. I get a 512K cct with 5 useable
for 30 odd quid a month inc VAT.

That said neither do SMTP inbound (delivery?), if thats what you meant.
AFAIK Demon are the only folk who offer that over POP3.


On Thu, 30 Jan 2003, Tam McLaughlin wrote:

> Hi slug :-)
> Our company has gone through some major restructuring recently which has
> resulted in us having to scale down and cut costs on our Internet access =
> web site.
> Currently we access the Internet using a 128Kb/s leased line via 1 ISP an=
> use another 2 ISPs for web hosting and domain name hosting.
> I am trying to consolidate all of this under the one ISP and redesign the=
> site now that it is under the control of IT and not marketing.
> What I require is an ISP that can
> 1) provide  2Mb/s ADSL connection
> 2) web hosting - small, low access site with php/perl
> 3) domain transfers
> 4) smtp delivery
> I have looked at a number of ISPs including ones suggested on this mailin=
> list and from the guide at www.adslguide.org.uk but the only one that mee=
> all the criteria at a reasonable cost is force9.net (plus.net).
> I use force9.net for my home account without any problems and they offer =
> much for a reasonable cost:
>  2 Mb/s ADSL =A3110/month
>  Fax-2-e-mail, a unique fax number allowing you to receive faxes as e-mai=
>  CGI, MySQL, PHP, Perl shell, FP2k
>  500MB Web space + Web-based Database Admin
>  Displays detailed graphical statistics about your Web site
>  uncensored newsfeed
>  No NAT
>  If anyone can recommend another ISP that can provide the same functional=
>  at a reasonable cost then I would be grateful. Force9.net may be good fo=
>  home use but not for business.
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