OT: RE: [Scottish] Good ISP for ADSL business and hosting?

Paxton, Darren scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Jan 31 12:24:01 2003

Points noted Colin - I do agree with you on the scope of maintaining the

Regarding NTL however, I'm in the east end, and probably because there isnt
such a large uptake of broadband, I regularly get my full 124KB speed from
the 1meg link. Whereabouts in the city are you? Have you had your signal
levels checked?

2) I agree here, although the text server that was implemented recently has
been remarkably solid

3) All too true - you get better support from the newsgroups (when you can
access them) than from anyone at ntl, although from what I've been told -
there are a *select few* techies who know their stuff.


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....not to mention the fact that any ISP worth their salt is going to 
put a lot of time and effort into ensuring that their facilities are 
available and secure - I wouldn't want to undertake that responsibility 
for the sake of shaving a few pounds of the running costs. Also remember 
that ADSL is not a "permanent" connection although most implementations 
of it function as if they were.

Of course if you're ISP isn't up to the job you might be better off 
doing it yourself.

 > I think NTL hold the franchise for Glasgow City Centre

Personally, I'm not very impressed with my domestic service from them:
    1) low bandwidth - although I've only got 128k link, it frequesntly 
goes a LOT slower
    2) News servers - massively overloaded. I've given up trying to news 
even with cron'ed leafnode
    3) Support - ha ha ha!

The phone works most of the time but I have had a couple of outages. I'm 
now on my third set-top box in a year and still get regular outages.

(who gets work Email through an EdNet server via SMTP - I don't want to 
go on and on but these guys are the dog's danglys)

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