[Scottish] Hardware for sale

Graeme Mathieson scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Jul 2 16:33:00 2003

I'm trying to raise some cash to buy myself a new bike.  So, I've got a
couple of bits and pieces for sale:

* Sharp Zaurus SL5500 with 32MB CF card and a Bluetooth CF card.  All
  bits and pieces are still intact and, if you're really lucky, I think
  I still have the box it came in.  200ukp ONO.
* Sparcstation Ultra 30, 300MHz CPU, 640MB RAM, 2x18GB + 1x5GB disks,
  Creator 3D graphics card.  400ukp ONO.  I don't have a monitor or
  keyboard/mouse for it here in Edinburgh, but if you're after that, I'm
  sure we could work something out.
* Sony Vaio FX-109K, 850MHz P3, 512MB RAM, 30GB disk, 15.1" screen
  (which will do 1400x1050 resolution!), cd-rw, 802.11b PCMCIA card.
  1500ukp ONO.  TBH, I'm not desperate to sell the laptop - I'd have to
  replace it eventually - but if it's the only way to raise some cash...
* Logitech Quickcam Pro 3000.  Make me an offer.

And non-computer-related:

* Specialized Rockhopper A1 F-Comp mountain bike.  It cost around
  1000ukp when bought, around '98.  It's been well maintained and spent
  ~3 years of its life stored unused.  I'm looking for around 450ukp for

There's nothing wrong with the bike, it's just more suited to, well,
mountain biking than road racing... :-)

All prices have been extrapolated from recent eBay auctions, so I don't
think they're unfair.  OK, apart from the laptop, I made that up off the
top of my head.
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