[Scottish] Couple of things

Mark Robinson scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Jul 8 15:40:00 2003

Hello S.L.U.G,

Firstly does anyone know what RAID 00, RAID 1E, RAID 1E0, RAID 5E are,
as defined by IBM on the ServeRAID-4LX? I think I can guess that 00 is
a stripe over two stripe sets, but the others? And don't even mention
the amount of disks needed for RAID 50!

Secondly I might have some old kit up for grabs (first come first
served to mcr at reason-technology.com). I need to see if there's
demand for it before my client is willing to donate it to a good

1) 2 x 24 port rackmount D-Link 10mbps only hub (possibly another one
of these hanging around here too)

2) 1 x 12 port version of above

3) 1 x 8 port rackmount D-Link switching hub. Not sure what speed...

4) 1 (very old) Instant Internet ISDN (I think) router. May add 10% to
your electric bill! May even be able to find admin software for it.
Does IPX-TCP/IP too I think. No, I don't know if you can run Linux on
it :-)