[Scottish] Couple of things

Ben Thorp scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Jul 9 10:35:00 2003

>Hello S.L.U.G,

>Firstly does anyone know what RAID 00, RAID 1E, RAID 1E0, RAID 5E are,
>as defined by IBM on the ServeRAID-4LX? I think I can guess that 00 is
>a stripe over two stripe sets, but the others? And don't even mention
>the amount of disks needed for RAID 50!

According to this document:
RAID 5E is RAID 5 Enhanced:

"RAID 5E (Enhanced)puts hot spares to work to improve reliability and
performance.A hot spare is normally inactive during array operation and is
used until a drive fails.By utilizing unallocated space on the drives in
the array,
a "virtual" hot spare is created.By putting the hot spare to
improves because more "heads" are writing the data.In the event of a drive
failure,the RAID controller will start rearranging the data from the failed
into the spare space on the other drives in the array.Thus,with RAID 5E,you
receive the advantages of RAID 5,but with additional performance provided
putting the hot spare to work."

My guess would be that RAID 1E is similar to this. RAID 10 normally equals
RAID 1+0, and therefore 1E0 would probably be RAID 1E+0. On this line of
thought, RAID 00 is probably 0+0, if this is possible (can you
double-stripe?) ?!?

Oh, and Mark, if you have any hubs left, I would take one if no-one else
wants it ;o)

Ben Thorp