[Scottish] cdrdao and CPU Usage

Phil Deane scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sun Jul 20 18:08:01 2003

Hi Folks

I use cdrdao for copying VCDs and also audio. My script for copying VCDs is 
below. I write at 16x and as su from a terminal.

when I write at 16x I seem to be using 75% of my processor (an AMD XP 2000+) 
which is about that the same amount as I used when I had a p3 800. Is it 
because I am not using buffers?

When I burn in Windows I can burn at the max of 52x which about 10% usage.

Any Suggestions?


Phil Deane


mkdir -p /home/phil/vcd/tmpcd
cd /home/phil/vcd/tmpcd
echo "CD Read"
echo "Starting to Write onto CD-R"
cdrdao copy --source-device /dev/scd1 --source-driver generic-mmc-raw --device 
/dev/scd0 --driver generic-mmc-raw --speed 16 --eject --keepimage
echo "CD-R Written"
rm -fr /home/phil/vcd/tmpcd