[Scottish] samba and suse 8.1

Colin McKinnon scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Mar 4 09:31:00 2003

rayH wrote:

><<Sorry moderator I just also sent this from a non-subscribed address>>
>>I can mount the share called Forge on /home/forge but its only read only
>>and read/write if mounted by root.  >
>What I want to do is access my hp
>>printer and ditto max tape which are connected to the windows machine so I
>>can print and backup from the linux machine.  Have you any idea's on this.
There isn't a standard way to mount smb shares on Linux boxes - last 
time I checked smb wasn't directly supported by mount but it does seem 
to be trying to get in there - in future an entry in fstab might 
suffice, but meanwhile it will vary from distribution to distribution. 
Similar for SMB printing. If none of the SUSE people can solve this, ask 
again and I'll post a rc script for mounting drives (ISR there is a PAM 
lib which mounts SMB drives.....).

Tape access is not supported over SMB. There is a protocol (rmt) but it 
is not intrinsically very secure and isn't supported by Microsoft 
Windows. Take a look at Arkeia / Amanda / Veritas. (NB if you have the 
tape drive on the Unix box, then you can use more tools than the other 
way around - e.g. GnuTar on the Win box running over rmt, share the C: 
drive across smb and run tar on the Linux box ....).