[Scottish] Making scotlug mailing list available via gmane news gateway?

David Marsh's list-reading hat scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Mar 5 12:33:02 2003

I don't know if other people on the list are aware of the extremely
useful gmane <http://www.gmane.org/> news<->list gateway?

It makes mailing lists available for access via news (at news.gmane.org)
and I find it a very handy way to read some high-traffic mailing lists,
as it means that everything is threaded, you can use the powerful
scoring facilities of your newsreader, old posts are expired
automatically (rather than cluttering up your mailbox until you remember
to delete them), and also, it seems to be, news articles download faster
than emails(!).

I was just wondering if anybody would think it would be a good idea to
gateway the scotlug email list to gmane? I would certainly find it
useful.. (I think it's a fairly simple process: tell gmane about the
list and it does all the complex gubbins itself..)

Any thoughts?


David Marsh, <email valid @time of writing> | http://web.viewport.co.uk/