[Scottish] at76c503 wireless usb adaptor

rayH scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Mar 11 09:08:03 2003

Thanks Ben,  
this is exactly what I needed to know
> they made a number of improvements to the USB/Ethernet bridge stuff in the
> 2.4.20, which might mean that you will need to upgrade the kernel in order
> for it to work properly. Having said that, the page at
> http://masqmail.cx/at76c503/ suggests that this driver, while being
> developed on 2.4.20, has also been known to work on 2.4.19?
All the stuff I have seen about  the at76c503 on <2.4.20 has referred to PCI 
and PCMIA adaptors.  I shall look at patching my kernel.