[Scottish] [OT] Anybody know about solaris?

Colin McKinnon scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Mar 21 12:31:00 2003

Allan Bruce wrote:

>Hi guys,
>I am logging into a solaris workstation from Windows using SSH, and can use
>VNC tunneled to get an X desktop.  I would like to send the display of
>another solaris machine back to the VNC X desktop, but dont know how.
>Usually, if I was at the machine, I would type:
>setenv DISPLAY compname:0
>Now the VNC desktop is :1 but if I try that it still doesnt work.  Does
>anybody know how to do this? (Sorry for the complete off-topicness but I
>cant find anything else to help me)
I don't know how much help I can offer but here goes....

You setup an SSH tunnel to Sun1, fire up VNC on Windows and connect to 
Sun1 where you have use of Sun1:1. No problems.

If you were sitting at Sun1 you would type in the setenv conmmand...then 
what? Are you just trying to get programs running on the local screen? 
Do you want a CDE login for Sun2? What meesages do you get from Sun2 
when you try to open an xterm on Sun1:1? How do these systems sort out 
xauthentication (see man xauth)?


(as you can tell its been a slow day here today)