[Scottish] [OT] Anyone got.......

Ben Thorp scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Mar 26 13:22:00 2003

...some advice, or some hardware for sale?

Looking at buying a _cheap_ Palm - can stretch to a Zire (=A380), but n=
much more than that. However, the Zire is only 2Mb, whereas methinks 8M=
would be preferable. Looked also at the Sony Clie PEG-SL10, but they se=
quite hard to get hold of now. Other options would be a Handspring Viso=
or a Palm M10, if I can find one cheap enough.

So - does anyone have any preferences/suggestions on which to get, wher=
e to
buy, or (better still) is anyone looking to sell some such gadget for a=

good price?

Ben Thorp