[Scottish] Debate Next Wednesday

george scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue May 6 19:04:01 2003

I would love to go, but I seem to have developed some type of computer 
based tourette's, in that when I hear the word microsoft I cant help 

Annoying in lectures, impossible for this sort of thing ;-)

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Philip Ward wrote:
> For those not yet in the know the Edinburgh Branch of the British
> Computer Society are having a debate next Wednesday 14th May on the
> subject "This house believes competition from Open Source software
> benefits the entire software industry".
> Linux Developer Stephen Tweedie will be debating with Mark Greatorex,
> Microsoft's UK .NET Developer Director.
> A healthy representation of Penguins, GNUs, GNOMES, Devils and other
> Free creatures would probably speak as loudly as any of the debaters.
> Details of the event, hosted at The Royal Pharmaceutical Society, 36
> York Place, Edinburgh at 6.00pm are at
> http://www.edinburgh.bcs.org/02-03/030514.htm
> Also it would be great if a bunch if us could each take along a handful
> of Knoppix and GNU Win CDs to give away. Anyone interested in helping
> with distribution let me know and we'll see how many CDs we can manage
> between us.
> Hope to see you there,