[Scottish] Floodwiring new houses

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Mon May 12 09:26:01 2003

You could easily spend ?3500 on marketing a new house (think how much is
spent on show houses) and the inevitable free publicity if the
"techno-house" route were followed could easily offset a large part of the
costs.  I can see the Reporting Scotland team in full-on "Tomorrow's World"
mode now....<cringe>

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>Thanks for the comments.  I've never seen any houses
>advertised with it as an option, just thought it might
>give an interesting marketing angle or even start a
>trend.  If I was to buy a new house and I had the option
>to have it wired I would do it (at the right cost) of
>course, hence the initial question.
>Noted your comments about upping the added value rather
>than just providing bare wiring.  This would definitely
>be a "tick the box" option for the purchaser rather than
>a standard fitment.
>My friend did seem sceptical about the advantages but
>he is an Aberdonian accountant!  Will try and persuade
>him otherwise.
>> Hi J,
>> I'm sceptical as to how many house buying punters would perceive
>> structured cabling as a benefit. When I was commissioning wiring for
>> offices, a typical cost was a bout 30 per point (yes I know that someone
>> would have done it cheaper - but lets just use that for arguments sake).
>> I would reckon you would want (say) 4 points per room - thats 120 per
>> room. 3 Bedrooms, kitchen, living room and dining room - thats 720 as
>> the cost for flooding it with wiring.
>> I reckon that the best way to make it look more attractive would be to
>> chuck in some more electronics - e.g. front door surveillance camera
>> linked into the telly system (available off the shelf for about 150) and
>> an ADSL link / preconfigured router, some method of routing audio
>> through the house. That way you're not just selling (boring) structured
>> cabling, you're selling a techno-house!
>> The capital cost of this is relatively small in  relation the value of
>> the property - so I expect that offered as 'dealer option' on a new home
>> it could be a winner for, say 3500 (healthy margin) on top of
>the 100,000+?
>> I wouldn't go out looking for it as an option - but then I won't spend
>> 100 on Microsoft Windows ;)
>> Colin
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