[Scottish] BCS debriefing

Kyle Gordon scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu May 15 10:22:01 2003

I wish I could give people a life at 95mph, but more than likely I just gave 
them a lift... ;-)

And yes, I was expecting a bit of a fiery debate, but instead they both ended 
up agreeing, and the vote was unanimous. Mark (Microsoft) appeared to put 
forward that Microsoft no longer despises open source, but reckons that it 
can co-exist, and companies will now have to decide whether they want to make 
money from supporting services alone, or creating and supporting services.

It was worth it :-)


On Wednesday 14 May 2003 23:02, Jonathan Riddell wrote:
> Tonight's BCS meeting in Edinburgh involved Steven Tweedie of Red Hat
> debating with some bloke from Microsoft.  Steven talked about open source
> software, Microsoft man talked about commercial software and neither
> pointed out that Red Hat is both open sauce and commercial.
> Phil quietly distributed Knoppix and GNUWIN CDs in a bid to subvert the
> Microsoft employees.  One of the Microsoft emplyees bought us all a round
> of drinks to show they're not all bad.  Drochaid/Calum somehow argued in
> agreement with the Microsoft man that the GPL restriced your freedom (not
> sure how he did that, but he did).  Martine of BCS insisted that there was
> a reason for the BCS's existance, but wanted to run a joint event with
> scottish LUGs to justify it.  And Kyle gave us all a life home at 95MPH.
> Plus I seemed to have ended up with a bottle of wine.  My BCS membership
> at work there.
> Is anyone going to Falkirk LUG tomorrow (Thursday) evening?  Ron March for
> example...    Otherwise not much point in me going.  Speak up now!
> Jonathan Riddell
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