[Scottish] OT - Laptops/docking

Elwell, AD (Andrew) scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Mon May 19 14:32:59 2003

> Can anyone recommend current model laptops that have real docking
> stations available, not just port replicators... 

Not needed to replace, but the IBM Stinkpad we have onboard Alba Venturer
(and A20 series from memory) has a really nice dockingstation that includes
a PCI slot - great for adding extra serial cards in.

The station itself also has PCMCIA, Power (took 110-240 rather than reusing
the laptop PSU), sound, USB, Parallel, 1*serial, VGA, PS/2 Key/mouse
(separate rather than needing a Y-lead)

Not sure of model no - can find out if desp.