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Tue May 27 00:12:00 2003

Hallo and if your lecturer suggested a questionnaire be sure
you'll end up having to construct one in the end (means work
including statistical analysis which helps Communications)  - 
if only to stay on the right (should be left) side of her/him.

Good luck,


On Mon, 26 May 2003 19:54:23 +0000
janice  <jinty@telinco.co.uk> wrote:

> Hello,
> As part of my HNC Computing I am writing a report about the GPL, copyleft and 
> free software. I would welcome any opinions, comments, rants or raves 
> (especially quotable ones). Perhaps you have a particular bugbear you would 
> like to share.
> My lecturer did suggest a questionnaire, but I'd rather you told me what you 
> think is important. 
> This is not a technical essay. It is for the Communications/English class.
> I really would appreciate your help.
> Thanks
> Janice
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