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To save a bit of money and time, all the essays from The Cathedral and the
Bazaar can be found at http://www.catb.org/~esr/writings/ - read the top 4
essays, which are the basis of the book.

Ben Thorp

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If you've not already then you should read "The Cathedral and the Bazaar".


It's not particularly technical in the sense of the mechanics of writing
software so is probably ideally suited to what you want.

Probably after speaking to a few people and reading up on stuff you'd be
in a better position to make up a questionnaire. One question which would
perhaps give interesting results would be to ask people if they use free
software because of moral/ethical reasons or just because it's better.

Personally, I realise that the free aspect of it contributes to it being
of a high quality but the actual reason I use it is because it's better,
in my opinion. You'll find plenty of other people who will choose the free
option just because it's free and not because it's better.



> Hello,
> As part of my HNC Computing I am writing a report about the GPL,
> copyleft and  free software. I would welcome any opinions, comments,
> rants or raves  (especially quotable ones). Perhaps you have a
> particular bugbear you would  like to share.
> My lecturer did suggest a questionnaire, but I'd rather you told me what
> you  think is important.
> This is not a technical essay. It is for the Communications/English
> class. I really would appreciate your help.
> Thanks
> Janice
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