[Scottish] Novell buy Suse

Paxton, Darren Darren.Paxton at mercer.com
Thu Nov 13 14:54:54 GMT 2003

>From what I've read, its put Novell in the position where they are able to
offer viable solutions to both the server and desktop market. It also gives
SUSE the global opportunities that it was previously unable to get hold of
due to Redhat's "apparent" dominance in the market outside of Europe.

http://www.itweek.co.uk/News/1147952 for those of you who don't receive IT

Personally, I feel Novell have realised they've got a real problem with
current offerings and are looking to provide totally alternative solutions
to customers by offering completely non-windows based products. (If they
don't run windows, they won't be tempted by Active Directory being the
psyche methinketh)


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Hi All,

Much as I disklike the largely irrelevant business tittle tattling of IT 
company A buys/sues company B, this one rather caught my interest....


Perhaps their just implementing the continuing Ray Noorda business plan to 
eradicate all forms of *nix. Or maybe they think now is a good time to be 
pushing Linux on corporate desktops....

Enough conjecture. Make your own minds up.

Do we have a speaker for this month's meet?


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